Grazing sheep on solar farms

How sheep grazing on solar farms is beneficial

The conditions required for a solar farm and for grazing livestock are often the same: large, open areas with grass & little to no tall vegetation.

Sheep grazing solar farm
Sheep grazing solar farm

More and more, solar sites are turning to grazing animals for an easy, convenient and sustainable solution for weed control, and to keep solar installations free from types of vegetation that would otherwise block out the sun or interfere with their primary function.

A word about solar power & solar panels

Alternative sources of energy and electricity have been on the radar for quite some time, and very few have gained the same amount of popularity as solar energy.

The use of solar panels on agricultural land is on the rise
The use of solar panels on agricultural land is on the rise

With solar production on the rise, there is no doubt it will continue growing. However, this expansion comes with its own challenges: solar companies will require land, and land is scarce and limited, and needed for farming and crops.

So we turn to solar grazing: introducing livestock to solar installations in order to control plant growth, and to make the most of the land.

Think of it as a symbiosis between solar arrays and livestock. Solar companies still use the land, and farmers feed their livestock… especially sheep farmers.

But why sheep?
But why sheep?

Solar grazing & sheep

With herbicides (commonly known as weed-killers) and lawn-mowers at hand, why go through the trouble of introducing sheep to the land? Because of their environmental benefits, of course.

Sheep are a "green" solution to make any solar installation work
Sheep are a “green” solution to make any solar installation work

Picture these animals as bio-herbicides. A living, breathing machine that eats weeds and does not require gas to function.

Their activity throughout the solar farms can improve the soil health of the ground. By allowing them to graze different patches,

Sheep are a bit less “selective” when it comes to grazing, as opposed to cows or horses, and are also short.

Their short stature allows them to navigate solar farms, without the risk of them rubbing against solar panels. In turn, solar arrays offer protection & shade against the hot sun, or even refuge against the rain.

So what to do? Protect your assets!

Whether you’re a sheep farmer or you have a solar project in your hand, one thing is certain: the protection of your assets is a priority!

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STAY-TUFF offers protection for your solar sites

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