2023 STAY-TUFF Contractor Training Seminar

If you are a fence contractor, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your skills and increase your profits with our upcoming STAY-TUFF Fence seminar! This event is designed to provide technical and installation instructions and effective sales techniques for our products. The morning session will cover product training, including competitive comparisons, the benefits of high-tensile wire versus low-tensile, and various fencing tools and accessories.

In the afternoon, participants can put their knowledge into practice with hands-on fence installation activities, including building braces, stretching, splicing, and tying the fence to posts. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and take your fencing business to the next level. So register now for the STAY-TUFF Fence seminar and start boosting your profits today!

When: May 24th, 2023

Where: Seguin, Texas

Registration Info: For registration and more info please get in touch with Kyle Bading at kyle@staytuff.com