Stretchers Bars

  • High quality stretcher bar with wedges and pulling lugs.

    You need to purchase a pair and then pull together with 2-3 RE-561 Stretcher Bar Pullers.


Stretcher Bar Wedges
  • These spare wedges are great to have on hand in case you lose a wedge.

Clamp Style Stretcher Bars
  • Clamp Style Stretcher Bar securely holds woven wire fence by tightening down the clamp bar with a set of 19 mm nuts.

    Designed to stretch up to ¼” mile at a time.

    Use with stretcher bar pullers. Tighten nuts using 19 mm socket on ½” drive rachet or 18 volt cordless drill.

Bar & Wedges

FW-549 124" Stretcher Bar & Wedges 65 124
FW-550 102" Stretcher Bar & Wedges 54 102
FW-551 84" Stretcher Bar & Wedges 44 84
FW-552 66" Stretcher Bar & Wedges 34 66
FW-553 52" Stretcher Bar & Wedges 31 52
FW-554 Stay-Tuff Stretcher Bar Wedges 2 -
FWNW-547 52" Clamp Style Stretcher Bar - 52
FWNW-548 66" Clamp Style Stretcher Bar - 66
Smooth Wire Puller
  • A great all around tool. It has hardened jaws so it can be used on both high-tensile and low tensile wire. It replaces any fence repair tool on the marked today.

    Comes with a four foot chain to give you plenty of room for re-tightening a fence or splicing broken wires.



Stretcher Bar Puller
  • This stretcher bar puller will pull up to 2,000 lbs. It has a 19’ chain to reach farther than the conventional come-a-long. The jaws are made of cast alloy and will not wear out.

    You will need a set of 2 stretcher bar pullers to pul the shorter stretcher bars and set of 3 to pull 84” and longers bars.













RE-559 Stay-Tuff Easy Wire Puller 3.5
RE-560 Stay-Tuff Smooth Wire Puller 8
RE-561 Stay-Tuff Stretcher Bar Puller 14
RE-556 Hook Repair Kit for Bar Puller 1
RE-558 Replacement Chain & Hook Assembly for Ball Puller 9