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Sales Manager

Randy Lenz


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Inside Sales & Customer Service Manager

Kyle Bading

East Regional Sales Manager

Lewis Sapp
Territory Manager
Sean is the Territory manager for Idaho, Montana, Utah, & Wyoming. Sean has over 15 year’s experience in the Livestock Equipment Industry as a manufacture representative and farm and ranch store manager. Sean says, “Fixed knot fence is a product I am proud to sell because I know that there is no better product on the market.” Stay Tuff is a company that works hard to educate the modern rancher and goes the extra mile to provide the customer with the very best level of customer service. Call Sean if you would like further information, if he can help you with your field demonstration, or give you advice on working with your local NCRS office.
Sales Manager
Randy is sales manager for Stay Tuff. Randy has many years of sales experience in the agriculture industry. He served as national sales manager for a large agricultural equipment manufacturer for over 12 years and has retail experience as well.

Randy joined the Stay Tuff team because he saw the potential for this product.

It was the opportunity for tremendous sales growth combined with the superior Stay Tuff product and team that attracted Randy to the company.
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Billy White is the Stay-Tuff Territory manager for Virginia and North Carolina. Billy has over 15 years of experience in the fixed knot and electric fence industry. He has worked as a fence contractor, operated his own cattle farm, and managed a commercial cattle operation. Billy currently conducts fence demonstrations and technical in field installations. Billy will be glad to assist you with all of your fencing needs or with any questions you have.
Billy will be glad to assist you with all of your fencing needs or questions.

East Texas, Louisiana, South East Oklahoma

Blair is our Territory manager for East Texas, Louisiana, and South East Oklahoma. Blair has over 15 years of experience with high-tensile wire and fence construction. Prior to working with Stay-Tuff, Blair spent four years with the leading electric fence company as a territory manager and 5 years managing a large university agriculture research facility. Call Blair if you’d like help with any questions or advice on any type of fence construction.

Kentucky, Tennessee

My name is Clay Brewer and I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a degree in agricultural business. I have grown up on a farm and have my own 100 acre cow calf operation now where we use the Stay Tuff product for ourselves. I have worked for two different fencing contractors and have lots of experience installing fence and designing systems for livestock.

I enjoy getting out to the farm to tackle any problems or ideas that customers have. Feel free to call or email me anything!

Customer Service

Cathy is Customer Service for Stay-Tuff, and has been with the company since 2006. Cathy can help you with finding a dealer, product information and any order inquiries. Cathy also manages our online store and handles all online order processing and inquiries. Previously she worked for a large group of cardiologists in which her duties included billing/coding and customer service.

Cathy says “I love working for Stay-Tuff it is a great company and has great people to work with.” She also has 21 years in customer services and office administration. If you have any questions or concerns with or about Stay-Tuff please give Cathy a call.

Candyce Holmes
Candyce Holmes
Customer Service

Candyce is the Customer Service and Inside Sales Associate for Stay Tuff, and has been with the company since 2013. Candyce can help you with product information, freight quotes, and ordering your fencing needs. She can also help you calculate your fence installation needs including the correct wire to confine your animals and the number of rolls and posts needed to complete the job.

Candyce is a retired teacher that owns and operates her own ranch. She has also worked in retail fence sales and has extensive knowledge of Stay Tuff Fence as well as other products and their applications.

Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama

Philip has over 30 years of experience working with customers in the agriculture industry on the retail side which makes him a great resource for customers and an asset to the Stay-Tuff team. Philip goes the extra mile to provide his customers with the very best level of customer service.

Call Philip if you would like any further information and/or if he can help you with your field demonstration.

Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Eric is our Territory manager for Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. He has been associated with fencing and the cattle business for most of his professional career. From selling cattle handling equipment to electric fence and working as a fencing contractor Eric has experience in the fencing business that will help you with all of your needs. Eric sees the potential and need for fixed knot fence in the market.
Call Eric with any questions you have on fencing and installation.

West Texas

Harold is our Territory manager for West Texas. He has four year's direct experience in fixed knot sales, installation and distribution and seven years experience with agricultural fencing products. Prior to this, Harold managed a feed store for seven years.
Harold says, "Fixed knot fence is a product I am proud to sell because I know that there is no better product on the market. Stay Tuff is a company that works hard to educate the modern rancher and give extra service to the customer."
Call Harold if you would like further information, or if he can help you with your field demonstration.

South Texas

Howard is our Distributor sales manager. He is responsible for sales outside of the surrounding sales representatives’ areas. He has nine years of experience in fixed knot wire fence sales, installation, and distribution. Before that, he spent 21 years with a distributor where he worked his way up to become sales manager. Howard can help you with product information, sales techniques, and installation.

Northeast Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri

Jade is the Stay-Tuff Territory manager for Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. He has worked in the cattle business for most of his life and also enjoys riding his horse. Jade worked in the electric fence business for several years before joining the Stay Tuff team. He has experience in several types of fence construction and can help you with most of your needs. Jade also conducts several fence building clinics a year. Contact Jade if you need help or would like to attend a fencing demonstration.

Northeast Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri

Glenn is the Stay-Tuff manager for Northeast Oklahoma, Northern Arkansas, and Missouri. He grew up in the agriculture world of horses, cattle, hogs and row crops in west central Missouri. The agricultural industry is his passion.. He has worked with fencing supplies at both the wholesale and retail levels. Glenn is willing to help you get answers to your fencing questions and supply you with the products that will give you the quality fence you need and want to put the final touches to your operation.

Levi Ebert
Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Southern Iowa

Levi is the Territory Manager for Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. He has been working in the livestock industry his entire professional career with several companies in business. His family runs a commercial cattle and goat herd so he understands most livestock fencing needs. He would love to work with you and show you all the benefits of a Stay-Tuff fixed knot fence.

East Texas, Louisiana, South East Oklahoma

Judd has been in the agricultural industry his entire life. He grew up on a cattle ranch in Northeast Oklahoma and has a degree from Oklahoma State University. He has 6 years of experience in the fencing business. He has also managed ranches as well as grain elevators, and has experience in livestock nutrition, animal health, and the show cattle industry. His area is East Texas, Western Louisiana, and Southeast Oklahoma.

Inside Sales & Customer Service

Kyle is our Government Sales Representative.  His primary responsibility is marketing Stay-Tuff’s products to government agencies and organizations on the local, state, and federal levels.   Kyle works directly with these groups to raise awareness and spread knowledge of High-Tensile Fixed Knot fence through providing technical information, product specifications, and CAD detail drawings.  He also works with engineering and architectural firms when submitting project proposals.  Kyle has been instrumental in having Stay-Tuff fence products included in the Standard Specifications and Approved Products lists with a number of different government entities.
Kyle has been with Stay-Tuff Fence since September of 2010.  He has six years of sales experience with five of those years as a manufacturer sales representative.  Contact Kyle when working with government agencies at any level, or if you need technical product information, product specifications, detail drawings, or general product information.

East Regional Sales Manager

Lewis is the East coast regional sales manager. He has been in the agricultural business for over thirty five years. He has worked with some of the most respected individuals from around the world in the fencing industry. He was with an international fencing company for twenty eight years and was instrumental in developing and growing their business. He continues to conduct seminars and clinics for Stay Tuff and believes that the product is the most significant new development to come along in the fencing industry in a while. “The Stay Tuff product line is by far the best that I have seen and I am proud to be associated with the company”.

Florida, Georgia

Mike is our Territory manager for Georgia and Florida. Before joining Stay-Tuff, he had over 25 years of experience working with dealers and producers in the agriculture industry in the southeast. His background in all types of livestock production gives him the ability to understand and meet almost any fencing challenge.
He says, “It is exciting to work for a company that is fully committed to manufacturing and marketing the premier product in the fixed knot fencing industry.” Contact Mike if you have any questions about the advantages of high tensile fixed knot fencing.

Florida, Georgia

Tim Hooks is a Florida native that has been involved in agriculture all of his life. Tim has experience in all sectors of the livestock industry from production to manufacturing. He has worked in equipment manufacturing as well as sales for leading agriculture equipment companies. He is well versed in fence layout and design and is willing to help you be more efficient on you operation. Tim can help you plan any project you may have and is eager to help.

North Texas, Eastern New Mexico and Western Oklahoma

Tim manages Western Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle and New Mexico territory. He’s very well versed in all facets of agriculture and fence construction. Tim is a native Mississippian, who has spent the past 15years in Texas in the fence construction business. The experience of having been a fence contractor hasgiven Tim the knowledge and expertise to help you with any project. Prior to that, Tim worked in theagricultural equipment business as well as managing an Experiment station for a University. If you haveany questions or need help on any fencing solution, Tim will be glad to assist you.